Inspirational Messages (159- 163)


  1. Arguments is like a never-ending wall that seperates you from the love of others. So break it!

  2. When you look within and see that you are nothing, that is Wisdom. When you look without and see that you are everything, that is love and between your life turns between these two..Unknown..posted by Latha

  3. Make yourself an honest man only then you can think, there is at least one rascal less in the world.

  4. The problem of a man is not his problem but his attitude torwards the problem is the man's problem.

  5. Life is truly full of mysteries, mysteries that you will encounter as you grow up,just like in love. God will test you as you meet and be with different person who will cause all those mysteries, but one thing is for sure,God will give the man/lady who will give you the true answers, even on the most mysterious feeling. ~evah-Philippines~

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