Inspirational Message (107-109)

  1. No one knows tomorrow, but one must live each day in
    faith being fully persuaded that tomorrow brings a better hope - taiwo

  2. No one is immune from life’s difficulties. Whether it an illness, loss
    of a job or spouse, or a child’s rebellion, troubles can come quickly and
    without warning. Life would be easier if it was predictable and answers
    always came quickly.

    But if we depend on the strength of our God, who is never changing, and who
    is always present, we will be able to stand in His strength. Even though we
    live in circumstances that constantly change, we can depend on his
    consistency. He has no moodiness. He doesn’t say He is tired and ask us to
    go away. We find Him faithful every time we come to Him, calling out in
    prayer and telling Him we can’t make it or go on without His help. He will
    meet our needs.

  3. The best you is the real you

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