Inspirational Message (112-116)

  1. Life has got many faces. some find themselves faced with difficult side,others with pleasing side but the real truth is that whatever face we find ourselves with, there is room for make-up,beautification and repackaging. so life depend on what you make of it. Taiwo ekerin- Nigeria

  2. People believe in others peoples doctrine. But you need to be inspired by what they do, not by what they have. Have to be yourself. Be Yourself . Chilavart-Nigeria

  3. The commonest element in the great people is that what ever they set their hands on,they do it to the best of their ability and what ever talent God gave them they use it to the fullest. There is an intrinsic value in every human which can change any situation for better.- Anonymous - Zambia.

  4. Be a girl of DUTY
    Don't be a girl of BEAUTY
    BEAUTY spoils your DUTY
    DUTY makes you BEAUTY- Anonymous - India

  5. Life is like a rocky path,sometimes we trip and fall. But that does not mean we should give it up .You got to lift your head up and press on. Bokamoso - Botswana

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