Inspirational Message (126-130)


  1. Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.-Alex noble-latha

  2. Nobody,no circumstance can defeat you until u accept that within you that you have been defeated Taiwo Ekerin . Lagos, Nigeria

  3. The difference between a succesful persôn and a faílure is that the óne decides to quit whilethe other decides to persist.Persistent is the key to sucess,it is inward zeal not to give up until you give up the ghost taiwo e.lagos ,nigeria

  4. When we forgive,we get healed of pains,when we are healed,we get restored.we have to forgive so that we can move up,when we réfuse to forgive,we remain stagnant. Taiwo Lagos, Nigeria

  5. On the sands of hesitation lay the bones of countless millions who at the down of victory sat down and waited and in waiting died.

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John n'deavr said...

In this text message(126-130) is very useful for me!!!
There is a hand behind the rising of the sun, a hand behind the rising of the moon. The same hand is behind you working out your rising.

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