Inspirational Message (149 -153)


  1. The oil you go and buy after the bridegroom has arrived is useless-Taiwo Oni, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
  2. Trouble is not trouble but how to trouble the trouble is the trouble. Trouble is in trouble for God shall trouble all troubles. Amen.
  3. When you've tried all you could to turn you situation around for better, all to no avail remember God who specializes in turning worthless situation to an outstanding testimonies is right beside you to help. Relax God is in control. - Abraham Ok Osogbo, Nigeria
  4. Your attitude towards your situation will determine your altitude. Never give up, have an insight of your future the way you live your life today will determine what will become of tomorrow. Instead of compromising do what you could to bring out the best from your present challenges. Abraham OK Osogbo, Nigeria
  5. You can use your word to change your world. - Abraham OK Osogbo, Nigeria
    People often say "strike while the iron is hot", but be careful not 2 strike the iron out of shape!-CHIJIOKE ONWUBIKO

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