Inspirational Messages (154- 158)


  1. Smile is the best way to face everything in the world. So keep smiling

  2. Every person has a different character at least one ! - shiv Kattimani ,INDIA

  3. Problem is just the distance between expectation & reality, so either expect less & accept reality OR expect a lot & turn it into reality-Pinky,India

  4. The Moment - "Now"- is like a river - which carries you forward,ever changing and ever moving, always flow with this "Now" as it becomes your experience later by M.Jeffrey submitted by Latha,India

  5. Be like a diamond, costly, rich and rare. Don't be like a stone,that is found everywhere.

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Inspirational Messages (154- 158) Inspirational Messages (154- 158) Reviewed by martin on 3:43 PM Rating: 5


HENRY said...

If your a giver don't give up, for God Knows all hearts.... From HENRY, Delta State, 08051111911

bangis said...

never give up when you aspire to acquire the desire you admire, if you fire and it backfire dont retire but refire in order to acquire the desire you admire

Katherine Johnson said...

I never thought of this as something that would be even the slightest bit interesting, but now after reading it I am impressed. I look forward to reading more.


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