Inspirational Messages (225- 229)

  1. Love is great…And we should use it wisely…Love is giving to others and oneself…Do not be hard on yourself…And be a giver…Do not resist your love…Let it take space in your life…And others.- Abdulaziz Dalloul

  2. If you fail to take up your spiritual responsibility,you become a spiritual liability.

  3. Life is like a battle field where there are many fighters,but few survive.I pray that you & i will survive at the end. - Fatiregun DY

  4. To know the value of life ask the dead.

  5. Without GOD...our week would be: Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday and Shatterday. Seven days without GOD makes one weak!

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