Inspirational Messages (230 - 234)

  1. Before doing anything bad or evil to others, ask yourself (and be sincere and honest about it) if you'd take that blow or hit without qualms, should someone else do it to you. If your answer is yes- by all means, do it! because only a few handful people in the world can desire truly to have a taste of their own medicine!- Henate 4RM - Nigeria

  2. The most revered trait in the human setup is patience

  3. Be kind to those you meet while you meet them going down, you may meet them going up. -Archit Jain

  4. For someone to achieve is desire is to refire not to retire provided that focus and prayer were kept constant.

  5. When tempted to sin or do wrong; or if faced with a very tough situation of choosing between two variables that might affect you or others- ask yourself "what would the good Lord had done if he were faced with that problem?) whatever your mind tells you that Jesus would a done this or that, if He were in your shoes- Do it!! Henate 4RM Lagos, Nigeria.

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