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What If In The Broader Picture of Life

You have the perfect Mother.
Your Dad is the perfect Father,
and you are the perfect child for them.
Maybe it’s All meant to be.
We all have special lessons to learn
while we are here on earth.

Maybe Life’s Trials are meant to bring us some place new.
The Unveiled Blessing * The Miraculous Mountain View
Maybe our personalities are the perfect combination
to accomplish just that.
And the “only” road to becoming some spectacular star…
is perfect in knowing, You already are…

Shakespeare – “ The world is our stage.”

“God works in mysterious ways”

He’s even designed a way to draw good from evil,
happiness from sadness, and tranquility from despair.
And if you truly, believe and trust in his plan,
maybe the pain won’t feel so bad when it comes.
I think that’s what Faith is.
It is Perfect.

 by Audrey Caron.
Timmins, Ontario.
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