Inspirational Message(s) (451)

A Little Boy Named Ralph

A little boy once questioned the stars and God above,
he asked about Lord Jesus and his undying love.
He said that, “ In the bible, the people got to see
and why won’t this guy Jesus, do a miracle for me?”

His dad then scooped him on his lap and gazed into his eyes,
“Well son it has to do with faith,” he started to reply,
“I too once thought it wasn’t fair, back then he showed himself,
but looking in your eyes son, I see him for myself.
Yeah, when I look in your eyes son, I see him for myself…”

Well this made the boy so happy, he knew Jesus was in him!
And through all life’s trials ahead,
 he found the power from within.
When temptation stood before him with evil as its goal,
his father’s words would echo, like a shield upon his soul.

And then one day so silently, he held his dad’s frail hand.
He looked just like a little boy, but was now a grown man.
Drifting back into the years, the tears welled in his eyes
‘cause miracles happen everyday and “Love” is their disguise.
“You can’t look in my eyes any more,”
 wept the little boy named Ralph,
“but I know where your going Dad,
 you’ll see him, for yourself…”
by Audrey Caron
Timmins, Ontario
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